How to buy a shelf ticket

1 In the home screen, click on BUY TICKET.
2 Select the desired public transport company.
3 Select the type of ticket you want to purchase.
4 Select the desired route.
5 1) Select the number of tickets you need.
2) Proceed with the purchase by clicking on PURCHASE.
6 If you’re already logged, you will be able to proceed by clicking PURCHASE.
7 If you’re not logged you can:
1) log in to your account and proceed with the purchase using your available CREDIT;
2) proceed with the payment using your PAYPAL account;
3) proceed with the payment using your CREDIT CARD via Stripe.
8 Click to see the details of the ticket.
9 Here is your ticket. To use it click on ACTIVATE NOW.
10 Click YES to proceed with the activation.
11 The ticket is active. Click to view the QR code.
12 Here is the QR code.