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How to buy a shelf ticket

1 In the home screen, click on BUY TICKET.
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2 Select the desired public transport company.
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3 Select the type of ticket you want to purchase.
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4 Select the desired route.
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5 1) Select the number of tickets you need.
2) Proceed with the purchase by clicking on PURCHASE.
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6 If you’re already logged, you will be able to proceed by clicking PURCHASE.
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7 If you’re not logged you can:
1) log in to your account and proceed with the purchase using your available CREDIT;
2) proceed with the payment using your PAYPAL account;
3) proceed with the payment using your CREDIT CARD via Stripe.
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8 Click to see the details of the ticket.
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9 Here is your ticket. To use it click on ACTIVATE NOW.
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10 Click YES to proceed with the activation.
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11 The ticket is active. Click to view the QR code.
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12 Here is the QR code.
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