SerenDPT srls, located in Venezia, San Polo 1932/A, CAP 30125, VAT number 04396950273, social capital € 500,00 of which it is paid € 500,00, email [email protected], provides users (hereinafter referred to as “Users”)of www.daaab.it (hereinafter referred to as “daAaB”, “Site”) the use of the same, which allows the search of travel solutions between two locations anywhere in the world and the purchase of travel titles (hereinafter referred to as Titles) necessary for the use of transport services (hereinafter referred to as Services) operated by a single or several transport companies (hereinafter Operators) directly from the terminal. These Titols may be purchased after the choice of one of the proposed travel solutions (hereinafter Solutions) or from a pre-established List of Available Titles in a special section of the Site. These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the Site and may be modified by DaAaB at any time. The User is required to verify the Terms and Conditions before using daAaB.

How to Use the Site

The use of the Site is free and requires no registration. For the purchase of Titles you are required to login to the Site using one of the proposed channels with your personal credentials. To complete the purchase, you must pay with one of the available methods. The User warrants that the data entered during the login and payment operations are true and correct, and undertakes to update them in case of modifications. The User is responsible for the custody of personal information regarding access to the Site and payment details. daAaB can not be held responsible for damages resulting from the misuse of such informations or from the loss or disclosure of such information. The purchase of Titles through daAaB does not replace the existing methods, both traditional and electronic, adopted by each Operator, it is an additional mode. It is responsibility of Users of the transport services to obtain a valid travel license, even if it is impossible to purchase a particular Title using daAaB. The purchase of Titles through daAaB does not involve the Users paying additional fees on the price of the same Titles purchased through the pre-existing sales channels of each Operator. In order to access to the Site and take advantage of its features, the User must have the tools, the internet connection, the equipment, the hardware and software needed. n case the local public transport company does not allow the printing of it's tickets, it is up to the user to have an internet connection for the entire duration of the trip, to allow the tickets to be checked by the authorized personnel. daAaB is not responsible for providing the User with the above tools, connections and equipment, nor is responsible for any defects or malfunctions thereof. The travel titles of some companies require manual activation by the user (click here to see the guide)

In the case in which, after activating the ticket, this is not recognized by the QR Code reader, the user is kindly asked to contact the company that issued the ticket. In case of non-activation by the user, the penalties provided by the company that issued the ticket will be applied. For any further problems related to the validity, issue and use of travel documents purchased via daAaB, please consult the help section. The tickets are valid only in the device from which the purchase was made, and are therefore not transferable. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure the smooth functioning of the mobile device during the entire duration of the journey.

Choice and purchase of travel solutions

The User, after filling in the departure and arrival locations fields, the User sees the different possible Solutions for the journey from the starting point to the destination. Selecting each of the proposed Solutions can display a set of additional and detailed information about the it. The User acknowledges that daAaB can not guarantee that those viewed by the Site constitute all of the existing travel solutions in reality, as specified in section 4. Through the login process, the User can have additional features, including saving some locations or paths for a subsequent quick selection. Where daAaB has entered into commercial agreements with the Operators for selling Titles, information (if available) on the price of each Title composing the complete Solution will be shown. Once logged in, the User may proceed to purchase such Titles. In order to proceed with the payment of the Titles, the User will click on the Buy electronic button on the detail screen of the requested Title. You may use one of the payment methods provided by the Site to complete the payment of the selected Title. After receiving the purchase request by the User, daAaB will connect with the Operators to verify the availability of the Services included in the User’s Solution and, if so, will arrange for the purchase of the electronic travel document that the User will see on his terminal as a QR code. The User will also receive within 24 (twenty-four) hours from the purchase a detailed summary message in the email address used during the registration process. The Titles available on the Site may be immediately valid or valid at specified dates and times as specified in the detail information relating to these Titles. Except as otherwise specified, the Titles of each Operator purchased by daAaB shall be subject to the same terms of use and validity as each Operator for the same Titles. The User may view the summary of the purchased Titles on the Site, whether valid, not yet active, or already expired. The User may, by clicking on the Activate Now button, may choose to immediately make a Title (purchased as part of a Solution that will become valid in a future moment) valid. In doing so, however, the User is aware that the Originally Required Solution may not be exactly replicable at the time of early activation, in terms of availability of the Service, departure and arrival times and intermediates, route, travel times, types of vehicles, Operators, valid Titles and related prices. It is the responsibility of the User to ensure that the same type of Solution for which the Title is already valid is available, before requesting immediate activation.

Typology of used data

daAaB uses the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) to compute the Solutions of the various Operators. Such data can be of three types:
generated by DaAaB on behalf of Operators (Certifeed);
generated by the Operators or Entities to which they are subordinated or by entrusted third parties, and made available to daAaB for the provision of its services (Primary Data);
generated by the Operators or Entities to which they are subordinated or by entrusted third parties, and made available to the public in open format (Open Data).
daAaB ensures correctness and updating of Certifeed data except for any errors, omissions or deficiencies in the information transmitted to daAaB by the Operators. daAaB can not be held responsible for errors, omissions or shortcomings in Primary Data and Open Data, lack of updating of the same or their absence. daAaB declines all direct and indirect responsibility for any damages resulting from inaccuracies, errors or omissions relating to the above data. Operators remain the sole responsible for the truthfulness and correctness of the data provided. The data provided by Users using the Site will be treated in a disaggregated and anonymous way, to compile usage statistics of the Site itself as well as to analyze the transport demand by geographical area, time or other parameters based on search requests received and Titles purchased, both from daAaB and from third parties. daAaB in no way collects, uses, or communicates to third parties any personal data or anything that may be attributed to a physical person.

Cancellations and Changes

Titles purchased through daAaB are non-refundable and the User is not entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal as they are stipulated by the italian Codice del Consumo (articles 47 et seq.). daAaB is not responsible for any damage or consequences suffered by the User due to the inability to modify or erase all or part of the Solution purchased by the User.

Responsibilities and Duties of the User

The User will have to arrange for the purchase of Titles for which it is not possible via daAaB, even if only a part of the Titles required to cover the settled Solution can not be purchased or if the User is unable to purchase the Titles through daAaB due to malfunction of his terminal or network connection. No responsibility or liability will be assumed by daAaB in respect of the aforesaid Services not available on the Site. It is also the Customer’s responsibility to verify that he purchased the appropriate type Title for the trip he intends to use, with particular reference to the Titles whose purchase on the Site is available directly and without the prior choice of a Solution. The User is required to inquire about the Terms of Service and the Terms of Use of the Services provided by each Operator within the Solutions that he intends to use. The User is required to independently verify if, with reference to the chosen Solution, it is necessary to obtain permissions, authorizations or visas from the authorities of the destination countries and to obtain them before the start of the trip. daAaB does not provide any information about the foregoing and is in no way responsible if the User is unable to travel, or undergoes any other consequence due to the lack of documents and acts mentioned above or irregularities in the same.

daAaB’s responsibilities

daAaB is committed to always ensuring that the Website’s Users receive an optimal experience, as accurate as possible data and to increase the availability of of different Operators Titles. daAaB’s responsibilities within the Service consists solely of an intermediary activity in the purchase by the User of Services provided by the Operators. Therefore, daAaB is not responsible for the proper performance of the Services by these Operators, them remaining solely responsible for the fulfillment of these. daAaB assumes no responsibility towards customers for any delay, deviation of route, total or partial failure to perform the services of TPL due to force majeure and / or for reasons of public order or public safety, nor in any case for the interruption or suspension of the TPL service for reasons beyond its control or outside its domain, such as, for example, but not limited to: strikes of any kind, previously announced or not, unrest, high tides, natural disasters, measures by the competent authorities Authorities, etc.

Intellectual property

daAaB is an exclusive trademark of SerenDPT srls as well as domain names daaab.it, daaab.com, daaab.fr, daaab.de, daaab.es, daaab.pt, daaab.co.uk, daaab.org, daaab.net (Domain Names). Trademarks or Domain Names may not be used unless previously authorized by SerenDPT in written form. The contents of the Site may not, in whole or in part, be reproduced, transferred, uploaded, published or distributed in any way without the prior express consent of SerenDPT. The User can’t use the Site and its contents in a way not explicitly allowed by these Terms and Conditions. daAaB reserves the right to terminate, suspend and/or revoke – at any time and by virtue of its unquestionable and discretionary decision – access to and use of the Site.

Applicable law and exclusive forum

The contract between daAaB and the Customer is governed by Italian law, according to which these Terms and Conditions shall also be interpreted. Exclusive Jurisdiction is that of the Italian Judicial Authority and the exclusive forum is the Tribunal of Venice. By using the site and its features, the User declares that he read and accepted these terms and conditions.